Dec 13, 2023

Shake Shack Brings Back Christmas Cookie Shake to Round Out 2023 Holiday Season

Shake Shack 2023 Christmas Cookie Shake.
The Christmas Cookie Shake returns to Shake Shack at a late addition for the 2023 holiday season.

Available now for a limited time at all US locations (excluding stadium and airport locations), Shake Shack's Christmas Cookie Shake features sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream and gold confetti sprinkles.

The Christmas Cookie Shake has graced the Shake Shack menu several times but usually comes topped with crumbled shortbread and red and green sprinkles rather than gold confetti sprinkles. This year's version borrows ingredients from the new, limited-time Troll shakes currently on the menu.

Prices for the seasonal shake vary but it costs $6.49 near me in the Los Angeles area (compared to $6.09 for the chain's regular menu shakes).

Photo via Shake Shack.

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