Dec 12, 2023

McCormick Picks Tamarind as 2024 Flavor of the Year

A shaker of McCormick Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning.
Best known for spices and seasonings, McCormick announces tamarind as the 2024 Flavor of the Year as part of the brand's 24th edition Flavor Forecast report. To highlight the flavor, they've launched new Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning.

They've also partnered Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer to release several limited-edition, tamarind-infused menu items at the chain's locations across the US in February 2024.

The new, limited-time Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning takes its cues from Mexican cuisine and "pairs tamarind flavor with the mild heat of pasilla chiles and savory notes of paprika, coriander, and onion." 

McCormick suggests that tamarind is ideal for both savory and sweet dishes.

Tamarind is a fruit with a sour and sweet taste. It's found in a number of cuisines around the world, including Mexican, Indian, Southeast Asian, and more. It's also an ingredient in Worcestershire sauce.

Tamarind hasn't really been featured in fast food (although it occasionally finds its way into some sauces) but it did manage to get its own Doritos flavor in 2022.

The limited-edition Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer menu items featuring tamarind will include a chicken burger, fries, and milkshake "that infuse the seasoning in intriguing ways."

Photo via McCormick.

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