Dec 20, 2023

Sourdough Star Returns to Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. Double Sourdough Star burger.
The Sourdough Star and Double Sourdough Star have made it back to the Carl's Jr. menu for a limited time heading into 2024. Both are currently available on "early access" to Carl's Jr. rewards members ahead of a chain-wide launch for everyone next week.

Carl's Jr. Sourdough Star is a variant of the chain's signature Famous Star burger that features a charbroiled beef patty, two strips of bacon, classic sauce, caramelized onions, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, served on thick-sliced, toasted sourdough bread. The Double Sourdough Star offers the same experience but with an added charbroiled beef patty and extra slice of cheese.

Prices vary but the Sourdough Star costs $6.49 near me, while the Double Sourdough Star is $8.99. In comparison, a Famous Star with Cheese costs $5.39, while a Super Star with Cheese (which is a double patty, double cheese Famous Star) costs $9.69.

The Sourdough Star was first introduced in 2021.

Photo via Carl's Jr.

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