Dec 4, 2023

BK Melts and Cheesy Tots Return to Burger King on December 7, 2023

Burger King's Shroom n' Swiss Melt and Cheesy Tots.
BK Melts and Cheesy Tots are set to return to the Burger King menu this holiday season starting Thursday, December 7, 2023.

When BK Melts first launched in 2022, they were called "Whopper Melts" and came in three varieties: the Whopper Melt, Spicy Whopper Melt, and Bacon Whopper Melt. This time around, the Whopper Melt is now the Classic Melt, the Bacon Whopper Melt is simply the Bacon Melt, and the Spicy Melt has been replaced by the new Shroom n' Swiss Melt.

Here's what you can expect from each BK Melt:

- Classic Melt - Two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. beef patties, melted American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce, served between two slices of toasted bread.

- Bacon Melt - Two slices of toasted bread sandwiching two Whopper Jr. beef patties, melted American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce.

- New Shroom n' Swiss Melt - Features two slices of toasted bread, layered with two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. beef patties, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and Stacker Sauce.

Cheesy Tots, which feature cheesy diced potato coins covered in breading and deep-fried, will also be making a return to the menu and can be purchased in orders of four and eight pieces.

To celebrate the holiday season (they're calling it "Tis' the Cheeson") this month, Burger King will be offering various Royal Perks promotions each day through December 31, 2023 via the BK App. The offers include daily deals and BK merch (with proceeds going to the Burger King Foundation). The merch will include:

  • BK Edition Plufl, the "Original Human Dog Bed" (affiliate disclosure - I may earn a commission if you buy something through this link)
  • BK ugly sweater, ornaments, ,and stockings
  • Tis' the Cheeson scarf and beanie

Photo via Burger King.

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