Dec 11, 2023

Nissin Launches New Hot & Spicy Fire Wok Ramen Packets

Packets of Hot & Spicy Fire Wok ramen next to a prepared bowl of noodles.
Nissin Foods, best known for Cup Noodles and Top Ramen, expands their line of Hot & Spicy Fire Wok ramen bowls with the introduction of new Hot & Spicy Fire Wok ramen packets.

Nissin's Hot & Spicy Fire Wok ramen features spicy ramen noodles that come infused with chili flakes, which follows on the heels of Nissin's release of new Geki Chili Infused Asian Noodles earlier this year.

Nissin Hot & Spicy Fire Wok comes in two flavors at launch: Torched Teriyaki Chicken (four out of six chili peppers according to the bag) and Screamin' Sichuan Beef (five out of six chili peppers). In comparison, the Hot & Spicy Fire Work bowls come in four flavors: Molten Chili Chicken, Sizzlin' Rich Pork, Scorchin' Sesame Shrimp, and Volcanic Mongolian Beef.

While the ramen packets come with chili-infused noodles and seasoning sachets, the microwaveable ramen bowls come with chili or fire sauce packets.

The new ramen packets are fairly simple to prepare. You just boil the noodles for five minutes and then mix in the seasoning packet.

You can find Hot & Spicy Fire Work now for a suggested price of $1.09 at Walmart stores nationwide as well as on the Walmart website.

Photo via Nissin Foods.

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