Dec 26, 2023

McDonald's Brings Back Prosperity Gold Burgers in South Korea

McDonald's Korea Prosperity Gold Special Burger.
McDonald's Prosperity Burgers are back for a limited time in South Korea to bring luck ahead of the new year. The selection includes the Prosperity Gold Special Burger, which includes a hash brown patty.

In addition to the hash brown patty, the seasonal McDonald's Prosperity Gold Special Burger includes a McRib-like pork patty, lettuce, onion, garlic sauce, and mayo on a long sesame seed bun. The regular Prosperity Gold Burger is the same but without the hash brown patty. In the past, they once offered a Prosperity Red Burger, which came with barbecue sauce instead of garlic sauce.

As a promotion for the Prosperity Burgers, McDonald's will donate 100 won (~$0.07 US) to the Ronald McDonald's House Charity with each purchase of the seasonal sandwiches.

Both Prosperity Burgers are available at McDonald's South Korea restaurants through January 26, 2024.

Variations of the Prosperity Burger tend to appear on a seasonal basis in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Photo via McDonald's South Korea.

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