Dec 7, 2023

Perdue Releases New Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings

Bags of all three varieties of Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings.
Perdue launches new Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings, which they're calling the "first ever at-home wings specifically formulated for air frying."

The new wings are meant to turn out crispy and be easy and mess-free to make at home. As with the rest of Perdue's chicken products, they are made from chickens that were raised without antibiotics, that have been fed an all-vegetarian diet, and were raised cage-free. The wings take 16 to 18 minutes to prepare in the air fryer but are also meant to turn out well from the oven.

At launch, Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings come in three varieties:

- Hot N' Spicy - A bold and spicy flavor made with paprika-based spice blend.

- Lemon Pepper - A savory and tangy flavor featuring "zesty undertones from lemon oil and lemon juice" paired with "a subtle warmth from turmeric and onion."

- Roasted - A savory flavor sporting a "variety of balanced flavors like onion and garlic."

You can find Perdue's new Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings now at select retailers nationwide at select retailers including, Shoprite, Meijer, Safeway, Albertsons, Giant and more, as well as online from the Perdue website. They come in 22-oz bags (they go for $16.99 from the Perdue website and cost $10.99 at Albersons near me).

To mark the new product release, they'll be selling 100 limited-edition Ultimate at Home Wing Kit for $10 each starting Monday, December 11, 2023, at 12:00PM ET, on the Perdue website. The kits include a four-quart air fryer (according to Perdue, 75% of US households already own one), a package of each new flavor of Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings, a "Crispy Business" apron, a pair of tongs, a tote bag, and a coupon (it's unclear from the fine print what the coupon is for but I'm assuming it's for the new wings) that can be used at participating retailers.

Photo via Perdue Farms.

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