Dec 27, 2023

Jack in the Box Tests New Chicken & Waffles in Bakersfield, CA

Jack in the Box Chicken & Waffles.
Jack in the Box is testing new Chicken & Waffles at participating restaurants for a limited time in the Bakersfield, CA area.

Jack in the Box's Chicken & Waffles features two of the chain's regular crispy-fried chicken strips and three Waffle Sticks. It comes with ranch and syrup on the side. An order is priced at $6.49.

A 3-piece order of Waffle Sticks is also available with a side of syrup for $2.50.

Basically, the Waffle Sticks are new and they're testing them paired with chicken strips. If these make it out of testing, they'd probably launch as a limited-time option as the chain already offers mini pancakes and mini churros on a permanent basis.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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