Dec 14, 2023

New Black & White Cookie-Flavored Oreos Coming January 2024

A package of Black & White Cookie-flavored Oreos.
Oreo will be welcoming a new flavor--Black & White Cookie--starting January 2024 to kick off the new year.

Limited-edition Black & White Cookie-flavored Oreos feature Golden Oreo wafers sandwiching a split layer of chocolate and vanilla-flavored creme filling.

Come January, they'll be rolling out to retailers nationwide and will be available for a limited-time, while supplies last. You can expect the them to cost around $4.50 per package.

Black & white cookies are popular in the NYC metro area (although they can be found across the country) and generally consist of a round cookie iced or frosted in white and black (vanilla on one half and chocolate on the other).

The new flavor seems to be mostly striking for its appearance as both chocolate and vanilla are fairly common Oreo flavors.

Photo via Oreo.

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