Dec 19, 2023

McDonald's Launches New Squishmallows Happy Meal

McDonald's Squishmallows Happy Meal toys.
New Squishmallows Happy Meals are set to arrive at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide starting Tuesday, December 26, 2023. The promotion is part of a global partnership that saw Squishmallows Happy Meal toys featured in several countries internationally earlier this year.

Squishmallows are collectible plush toys that currently enjoy a level of popularity similar to Beanie Babies in their heyday. Beanie Babies were also occasionally featured as Happy Meal toys.

McDonald's Squishmallows toys number 12 in all and can be had, while supplies last, with the purchase of a Happy Meal. Notable to the line-up is a Grimace Squishmallow. Grimace is the purple McDonaldland character. There's also an unrevealed mystery character that some Happy Meal purchasers may get.

To give the toys some personality, each McDonald's Happy Meal Squishmallow comes with a unique playlist, courtesy of Universal Music Group, that helps reflect their personalities. You can scan the QR code on the Happy Meal Box to access each toy's playlist.

Photo via McDonald's.

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