Feb 6, 2024

Five McDonald's Pies Around the World to Try in February 2024

McDonald's Butterscotch Pie in Japan.
With so many restaurants around the world, McDonald's has quite the selection of dishes that many of us will never taste. Especially tempting are the fast food chain's pies, which are largely still fried internationally and relatively affordable to try.

Still, if you happen to be traveling, here are five McDonald's pies from around the world that are available in February 2024:

- McDonald's Japan - Butterscotch Pie - A fried pie filled with butter cookie spread cream and caramel filling.

McDonald's Double Chocolate Pie in Pakistan.

- McDonald's Pakistan - Double Chocolate Pie - A fried pie with a chocolate crust and chocolate ganache filling. This one was offered last year in the UK but appears to be permanently available in Pakistan. The other pies on this list are only available for a limited time.

McDonald's Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie in South Korea.

- McDonald's South Korea - Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie - A fried pie with a chocolate crust filled with raspberries and cream cheese.

McDonald's Sweet Egg Floss Pink Cream Pie in Thailand.

- McDonald's Thailand - Sweet Egg Floss Pink Cream Pie - A fried pie filled with sweet egg floss and a pink-colored cream.

Sweet egg floss is a Thai dessert called "foi thong." It consists of egg yolk strands boiled in sweet syrup. It's actually Portuguese in origin, where it's called "fios de ovos" (literally "egg threads"), and that made its way to Thailand during the 17th century.

The pie comes in a Hello Kitty-themed container as McDonald's is currently doing a Hello Kitty theme for the Lunar New Year in Thailand.

McDonald's Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie in the UK.

- McDonald's United Kingdom - Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie - A fried pink pastry crust filled with white chocolate ganache and raspberry compote.

With two raspberry pies this month from different countries, which do you think sounds better? Or would you prefer one of the other three pies?

Photos via McDonald's.

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