May 26, 2012

Around the World: Burger King Germany - Heroes on the Grill

Burger King Germany is currently running a limited-time promotion called "Helden Vom Grill" which loosely translates to "Hero on the grill" as far as Google Translate is concerned. Since it's Memorial Day weekend, what better to post about?

There are three items to the "Helden Vom Grill" promotion: the Super Chili Beef, the Fantastic BBQ Chicken, and Tex Mex Cheese Balls. They all sound pretty good but my hats off to the Fantastic BBQ Chicken for the epic name. Who doesn't want a Fantastic BBQ Chicken?

The Super Chili Beef is a hamburger with BK's trademark flame-grilled beef patty, cheddar cheese, jalapenos (they look like fresh jalapenos... which means a cleaner heat), tomatoes, lettuce and Tex Mex sauce. The picture also says "chili bun" so maybe the bun is spicy too? It does look a bit different from the standard bun... Those look like some spicy jalapenos though...

The Fantastic BBQ Chicken features a grilled chicken breast filet with bacon, zesty fried onions, and a spicy BBQ sauce, plus the standard mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce. I'm not sure about the mayo going with BBQ sauce, but everything else sounds good.

Finally, the Tex Mex Cheese Balls come fried with a crispy breaded shell and an interior of melted cheese and a spicy filling. I really can't make out what that filling is made of though. Breaded cheese is always good though!

Sounds like the Germans really like their spicy foods.

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