May 14, 2012

News: 7-Eleven - Slurpees Now Available Sugar-Free

For those watching their calories or sugar consumption, 7-Eleven aims to please this summer with the new, limited-time Fanta Sugar-Free Mango Slurpee Lite.

The new drink is 7-Eleven's first Slurpee-branded, sugar-free drink and is available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. The drinks are sweetened with Splenda. Slurpee Lites have about half the calories of regular Slurpees.

7-Eleven also put out a calendar of limited-time Slurpee flavors for this summer:

For May, there's the Fanta Sugar-Free Mango Slurpee Lite.

For June, there's the Fanta Sugar-Free Mango Slurpee Lite plus the Fanta Watermelon Lime Slurpee.

For July, they're offering a new Slurpee Lite flavor: Sugar Free Strawberry Banana Fanta. For the regular Slurpee, 7-Eleven is offering Fanta Lemon Creme.

Finally, in August, you can pick up the Fanta Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade Slurpee and the Fanta Orange Xplosion Slurpee.


  1. Mr. Fed Up FedUpFood.comMonday, May 14, 2012

    I like my sugar-free slurpees...and Fanta is awsome. I hope to get to try this.

  2. Sounds good minus the sugar free part.


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