May 13, 2012

Around the World: The Biggest McMenu, Part Four

Time for Part Four of the Biggest McMenu, highlighting various "Mc-" items from McDonald's restaurants all over the world! We'll start this week with the McBean. No, it's not a single-bean like the name suggest but a vegetarian burger option at McDonald's in Sweden. The breaded patty is made of beans plus veggies.

And if beans are your thing, out in Costa Rica, you can get the McPinto Deluxe for breakfast at McDonald's. An analogue to our Deluxe Big Breakfast but instead of hotcakes and an English muffin (or biscuit depending on your locale), they serve up beans and rice, tortillas, and fried plantains.

In New Zealand, there's the Chicken McCheese which, despite the name, only has one slice of cheese to go along with lettuce, ketchup, and mayo in this McChicken variant.

For something more substantial, there's the McFeast Deluxe in South Africa. It comes with two beef patties, cheese, onion, tomato, and lettuce. More of a McDonald's version of a Double Whopper with cheese than a feast though.

For an actual feast, you can pick up a McBox in Slovakia. It's a complete family-sized meal from McDonald's that comes in an oversized Happy Meal-style box.

Maybe afterward, you'd like a spot of tea and milk? Or as they call it at Hong Kong McDonald's: a McBrew Tea.

Finally for dessert, in Brazil, McDonald's goes big with the Super McShake in a large-sized McDonald's Sundae cup!

Next week: Part Five!

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  1. The McFeast, I think for us in the US, could have them add tomato slices to a Big Mac for something similar. And the Chicken McCheese would be an easy customize of their current McChicken sandwich.

  2. It's more like a Double Big 'N Tasty with cheese but they don't make that here any more... yeah the Chicken McCheese custom is pretty easy.


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