May 17, 2012

News: Cold Stone Creamery Offers Retro Desserts

Cold Stone Creamery goes retro in their latest promotion offering new, limited-time ice cream desserts inspired by ice cream parlors circa the 1950s. That means malts, classic sundaes, and floats... you know all those things that really pretty much still exist today.

The limited-time promotion runs through August 31 and they're offering the following:

For ice cream, they're offering two retro-inspired flavors: Cherry Vanilla and Chocolate Malt.

For their trademark "Creations," Cold Stone is offering two as well:

Cherry Vanilla Cherry Pie with Cherry Vanilla ice cream mixed with black cherries, graham cracker pie crust, and caramel.

Malt My Heart with Chocolate gives you Chocolate Malt ice cream with banana, fudge and whipped topping.

On the shake side, they just have one - a Chocolate Malt Shake.

Finally there are four Cold Stone Retro Classics at a promotion price of $4.99. They don't include descriptions so I've included a picture below.
The four Retro Classics are: the Classic Hot Fudge Sundae, the Classic Turtle Sundae, the Classic Banana Royale, and the Classic Root Beer Float.


  1. Does the chocolate malt ice cream have gluten

  2. I would guess so. It should have malt barley in it, which would contain gluten.


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