May 13, 2012

Around the World: Burger King Hong Kong Serves Up Black Truffles

Following the heels of Wendy's foie-gras-and-truffle burger in Japan, Burger King gets in on the fancy party with a limited-time Black Truffle Angus XT burger in Hong Kong. But while Wendy's burger was about $16 in Japan, Burger King's burger seems a relative bargain at 38 Hong Kong Dollars or about $4.89 here in the U.S.

Why so cheap? The burger seems to embrace more proletarian affordability by keeping cost down with black truffle mayo. Also fancy is the use of curly endive. The rest of the burger is pretty standard with an Angus beef patty, tomatoes, bacon, and cheese.

The description reads: "The exquisite aroma of the black truffle, otherwise know as "black diamond" forms a delectable combination with our extra thick and juicy Angus beef."

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