May 29, 2012

News: KFC - Colonel Sanders Autobiography and Cookbook Free on June 4!

Recently found in the KFC archives (discovered last November), KFC founder Colonel Harlan Sanders' autobiography (along with 33 of his recipes) will be available exclusively as a free download via KFC's Facebook page beginning Monday, June 4.

To whet KFC fans' appetites in the meanwhile, KFC is releasing teaser content on their Facebook page including a foreword written by KFC’s first franchisee Pete Harman, an introduction written by Colonel Sanders, and the first chapter of the book.

Also available are two recipes selected from among the 33 never-before-seen recipes featured in the book for potato pancakes and upside-down peach cobbler. Furthermore, there are video demonstrations of the recipes by celebrity chef Edward Lee who puts a little bit of his own spin on the dishes and invites you to do the same.

33 recipes huh? Should I do a series of Brand Eating cooking posts as I try to cook them all?! Would anyone read that?

For those of you that want a hardcopy, KFC is printing a very small number of hardcopies and will be giving away 11 of them to KFC Facebook fans. You'll want to keep an eye on their Facebook page if you want to score one for yourself.


  1. Sounds pretty interesting, I'd read a special feature about this.

  2.  Watch this page to see the secret recipes KFC did not want to publish:


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