May 22, 2012

Around the World: Burger King Canada - Maple BBQ Whopper

Up in the Great White North (Canada), Burger King has a decidedly Canadian take on the Whopper for a limited time with the Maple BBQ Whopper. It features the standard Whopper that we know and love (well, some of us anyway) plus hardwood-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and maple BBQ sauce.

But wait. That's not all! There's a whole Maple BBQ line up which includes chicken sandwiches and the very Canadian dish of poutine. Poutine, which is French fries covered in fresh cheese curds and brown gravy, is also offered at Wendy's and McDonald's in Canada. Not so much here in the U.S. though.

But yeah, it's popular north of the border. For Burger King's Maple BBQ promotion, they're gussying their poutine up with bacon and a "Gourmet Maple BBQ" sauce and calling it their Maple BBQ Poutine with Bacon. Not sure how maple syrup goes with barbecue sauce, could be good, could be bad... I just don't know. I'm curious though.
On the more mundane side of things, there's also a Maple BBQ Original Chicken Sandwich and a Maple BBQ Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich.


  1. I live in Toronto and recently had the Tendercrisp version, it was STRANGE. It tastes like it sounds, sweet maple BBQ, it was way too close to maple syrup. I was not horrible, but I'll pass next time.

  2. Good to know! Haha, I wondered if that was how it tasted. 

  3. I had it too it was very good on the original chicken and in the poutine. Sweet mild bbq sauce.


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