May 11, 2012

Frozen Friday: Stouffer's - Swedish Meatballs

Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs is one of their Signature Classic frozen dinner and is pretty much a frozen food staple. Stoffer's version comes with noodles and parsley in a sour cream sauce.

A 11.5-ounce box retails for around $3.69 but I bought this particular box on sale for $2.

I like Swedish Meatballs frozen entrees in general and Stouffer's in particular. Like spaghetti, they are well suited to frozen food.
The meatballs here were coarsely ground giving them a nice, meaty texture and beefy flavor. Some actually had a nice browning to them and a slight crust. They were plenty of meatballs to go around.

The noodles had a nice but inconsistent chew to them. They were a little bit gummy but it works here.
The sauce had a noticeable sour cream taste and good consistency. It paired well with the noodles and meatballs without being overbearing. I was particularly grateful that there wasn't an excessive amount of sauce; a little more than enough for the dish.

Noodles with character, plenty of meatballs, and the right amount of sauce. Good stuff.

Nutritional Info - Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs (326g)
Calories - 480 (from Fat - 220)
Fat - 24g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 980mg
Carbs - 42g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 25g


  1. Stouffers is to be commended for creating a variety of frozen vittles that, in my opinion, are better than average in taste.

    I haven't seen Stouffers on sale lately. In good times not that long ago a rather large selection of the individual Stouffers offerings werer on sale at 10 for 10 bucks.

    Even my beloved creamed chip beef was on sale.

    Over a relatively brief time period the prices soared, along with all the other prices for everything (even when the scum putrid corporate-owned politicians were spewing that there was no inflation. Those lackey figureheads have at least quit lying about no inflation since it became so incredibly obvious inflation does exist!!!!!).

    It has been MANY months since I have seen any Stouffers goodies on  sale.

    Sadly, sales on any foodstuffs have become rare and the "sales" are mainly minute price reductions.

    And thus is life atop the Hillbilly Heaven of the Ozarks Plateau.

  2. Very true about the lack of sales and the relative quality of Stouffers in the frozen food world... well said sir. Guess they're actually making us pay for something better than Banquet haha.


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