May 21, 2012

News: Carl's Jr. Testing an Ice Cream Burger

Carl's Jr. is testing an ice cream sandwich made to look like burger... complete with sauce icing in several colors (red for ketchup, yellow for mustard, and green for lettuce I'm guessing).

According to Foodbeast, The Ice Cream Brrrger, as Carl's Jr. is calling it, features a "patty" of chocolate ice cream, and the aforementioned icing sauces sandwiched between two sugar cookie "buns." It's sold for $1.99.

It's being tested in a least a few locations in Orange County, CA.

Personally, the icing looks gross; they should just ditch it and offer the ice cream sandwich as an alternative to the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich currently on the menu. Although, I suppose some children might like the idea of eating a burger ice cream sandwich.

If you want to try the sandwich, The Orange County Register has confirmed two locations where you can get it at: 402 South Main Street, Orange, CA 92868 and 1522 E. Katella Avenue, Orange. 92867.

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