May 16, 2012

Neat! Burger King's New Digital Menu Boards

As part of the new menu additions, Burger King is also installing full digital menu boards in a lot of their restaurants. My local McDonald's has one digital screen for McCafe beverages but this is a complete menu. I wonder how much it all cost to set up.

The pictures look more vibrant and one of the screens has video of their featured items on rotation.
I have to say, they look really nice and are probably plenty convenient for changing menu prices. Pretty fancy! Now if only the new items can live up to the new look.

It does kind of clash with the decor at my local Burger King though... Still, it's neat! I like!


  1. They're not the first- Tim Horton's here in Canada recently put digital menus in all its restaurants.

  2. I think their money would have been better spent on actually improving the new menu items, rather than spending it on a digitial menu board... I personally would much rather have tastier food over fancier menu/decor.

  3. I think some other fast food joints have as well. On another note, I want to try Tim Horton's!

    1. You've never had Tim Horton's?! You're missing out man. Timmy's is pretty much considered a national treasure here in Canada. I've only had it once in the States so I can't remember what it was like but assuming they do everything the same as up here, you'll love it :)

  4. Those things are a pain in the ass.. there is one in the BK near me, and the menu reminds me of the ones at movie theaters where it's constantly changing and i have to wait for the menu to pop back up so i can decide what i want to eat

  5. The newer McDonalds on Main has all digital boards too

  6. McDonalds tested a full menu board system some 15 years ago. Don't know why it's not standard yet....

  7. Yeah, I've noticed when I go to Burger King that I have to keep waiting for the menu to rotate from screen to screen to see the prices.


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