May 25, 2012

News: Carl's Jr. Returns the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger

Carl's Jr. and sister chain, Hardee's, returns the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger, re-dubbing it the "Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger" as part of a promotional tie-in with the upcoming summer blockbuster movie, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Last seen in 2010, the burger features a charbroiled beef patty (of various sizes and price points), bacon, American cheese, Swiss cheese, and mayo sandwiched between two pieces of grilled bread. Prices start at $3.29 for the single beef patty version and range north of $5.00 for the Six-Dollar Burger version (my local Carl's Jr. has them ranging from $3.69 to $5.69).

For those of you having a Spider-Man costume lying around, both chains are running a promotion on July 4, where any guest who comes in dressed as Spider-Man will receive a free Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger (which is also a nice bonus for those hardcore fans that will dress up as Spider-Man for the movie premiere anyway).

There's also an instant win component to the promotional tie-in with pieces on collectible, 40-ounce, Spider-Man-themed cups with a prize pool valued at over $7 million. You can get the details on that at or

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