Sep 19, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Austria - New McNoodles

McDonald's is branching out into Asian stir-fry in Austria starting tomorrow, September 20, 2012, with new McNoodles. McDonald's features fresh vegetables (looks like red peppers, baby corn, red cabbage), chicken, salad greens, and one of two sauces: Sweet & Sour and Curry.

The noodles are wheat Hokkien noodles shipped directly from Thailand and heated in a water bath at each McDonald's restaurant.

I'm a bit curious as to the preparation. Do they actually stir-fry it at each McDonald's restaurant? Are McNoodles even fried? Theoretically, they could cook it on the same griddle as the hamburgers. Regardless, it sounds interesting.

Update 9/20/12: Along with the McNoodle launch today, McDonald's Austria also adds Asian Shrimp Dumplings:

They come five to an order and are accompanied by a chili sauce for dipping.