Sep 23, 2012

Neat! You Can Get Personal Drip Coffee in U.S.

So it looks like you can get single-use personal drip coffee here in the U.S. though you can't get Starbucks brand Origami coffee (as far as I know). I spotted these boxes at a Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket. They're imported from Japan and available from Key Coffee and UCC respectively, which are two of the major players in the home coffee market in Japan.

Like the Starbucks Japan version, you just unfold the disposable paper brewer over your cup, pour some hot water over it, and "voila!" fresh hot coffee. The price comes out to about 75 cents to a dollar per serving which is comparable to Starbucks Via instant coffee.

So if instant coffee isn't your thing, but you're looking for a portable disposal drip coffee for traveling and what not, you might try finding these at your local Japanese supermarket or online.