Sep 3, 2012

News: KFC - New Chicken Littles

Not to be confused with the old Chicken Littles, KFC now serves new Chicken Littles sandwiches nationally. Looks like the Los Angeles market just started the rollout just a little early.

They're describing the new Chicken Littles as "Freshly breaded tenders on a sweet bun" and selling them for $1.29 (same price as the a KFC Snacker). They're basically a crispy tender in a mini bun (not the same bun as KFC Snackers) with mayo and pickles. The suggested price is $1.29 each.

The move is a little curious with the KFC Snacker already on the menu. Maybe they should have gone with a Hawaiian sweet bun like they did for the Doublicious.

The theme for the promotional campaign is "Little is the new big." Here's the ad set to air nationally pushing the theme:

Nutritional info not yet available.


  1. We, the People, the consumers of fast-food vittles needs a brilliant mind to concoct an easily usable algorithm to assist in figuring out price per vittles bought with inputs such as product weight, calories and other variables to allow determination if a particular item is more, the same or less cost effective compared to other items... no matter what outlet sells the queried item.

    How wondrous to compare the items within one outlet along with comparing items from other outlets.

  2. Charlotte BarbercheckMonday, September 03, 2012

    Pickles on a Little? Chicken not in the shape of the square bun? They have the gall to call it a Little. Fiends! They're playing on nostalgia but I am disappoint. The Hawaiian bun is a great idea!


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