Sep 26, 2012

News: Church's Chicken - Big Tex Tender Sandwich

For a limited time, Church's Chicken offers the new Big Tex Tender Sandwich, featuring two hand-battered and breaded chicken tenders, lettuce, pickles, and mayo served between two thick slices of buttery Texas toast.

The sandwich is available through November 25, 2012 at participating restaurants with a price of $2.49 for just the sandwich and $3.99 for a combo, which includes a small drink and fries.

Nutritional info not available.

1 comment:

  1. These chicken joints can offer TWO bread slices but can they offer two biscuits?


    It is time for America's chicken-joint consumers to boycott those firms until We, the People, receive 2 biscuits with our chicken vittles eating.


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