Sep 27, 2012

Review: Wienerschnitzel - Der Chicken Dippers

Wienerschnitzel's new, limited-time Der Chicken Dippers are boneless white-meat chicken pieces that are lightly breaded and deep-fried to order.

They're sold by weight and somewhat pricey: $3.59 for 1/3 lb, $5.99 for 1/2 lb, and $9.99 for 1lb. I went for the 1/2 lb box for $5.99. Compare that to McDonald's Chicken McBites which were $4.99 for 10-ounces (8-ounces is 1/2 lb). That being said, you get more chicken out of Der Chicken Dippers.

Der Chicken Dippers were mostly more like breast-cut chicken nuggets rather than like popcorn chicken. I say "mostly" because there were some odd smaller pieces and pieces of batter as well. The breading was not as thick nor heavy as Chicken McBites, but still delivered a decent crunch and was lightly seasoned. I liked that there was noticeably more chicken than breading and that it was decently juicy.

For dipping sauces, Wienerschnitzel offers the same brands you might find at your local Supermarket: Ken's Buttermilk Ranch dressing and Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce. Both were quite good and went well with Der Chicken Dippers.

It takes a little longer to receive your order, but the cooked-to-order aspect really puts Der Chicken Dippers over. They're freshly fried, but not dripping oil from the fryer. I think they're cooked straight out of the freezer, but freshly-fried frozen chicken beats made-in-house-but-left-to-warm chicken in my book.

Freshly-fried chicken with a nice crunch? Yes please! Overall, Der Wienerschnitzel's Der Chicken Dippers were very enjoyable, but a bit pricey for fast food.

Nutritional Info - Wienerschnitzel Chicken Dippers - 1/2 lb (238g)
Calories - 540 (from Fat - 250)
Fat - 28g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 1640mg
Carbs - 37g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 34g