Sep 20, 2012

Around the World: Subway Japan - Spanish Subs

Subway Japan follows up last month's English-themed promotion (and French before that) with a Spanish-themed promotion featuring a Bacon & Potato with Anchovy Sauce sub and a Spanish Omelet with Tomato Meat Sauce sub.

The featured ingredients are not the first, second, nor third thing I think of when I think of Spanish cuisine (bacon and potatoes make me think Irish and tomato meat sauce makes me think Italian), but the subs seem interesting enough.

The Bacon & Potato with Anchovy Sauce sub features Iberico pork (Spanish pork) for the bacon.

The bacon looks thick, but not crispy at all.

A Spanish omelette is a typically a thick egg omelet with potatoes fried with olive oil.

Subway's version seems to be flecked with some sort of green herb and potatoes.

Each carries a price for 450 yen (~$5.75 U.S.) for a 6-inch sub.

Additionally, creme brulee seems to be in the mix as well (isn't that French?!). Getting your creme brulee fix at Subway Japan will run you 280 yen (~$3.58 U.S.).

I wonder which country they'll do next?

All photos courtesy of Subway Japan.

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  1. Japan's Subways are the best I've ever been in. Not only great tasting sandwiches but great service and the creme brûlée dessert is exceptional.


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