Sep 1, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Malaysia Serves Criss Cut Fries!

For a limited-time, McDonald's Malaysia is offering seasoned Criss Cut Fries, those specially-cut fries that make you think, "How do they cut it like that?" until you learn about a mandoline and demonstrations like this.

While McDonald's is best known for their skinny French Fries, they have, upon occasion, offered other versions of fried potatoes (just not in the U.S.). Indeed, this is not the first appearance of McDonald's Criss Cut Fries; they appeared earlier this summer in Singapore.

In the Philippines, McDonald's is currently offering Twister Fries, which is the McDonald's version of seasoned curly fries and is offered on a seasonal basis.

And, if McDonald's Criss Cut Fries aren't interesting enough for you, what about criss-cut fries on pizza?! In 2009, Pizza Hut Malaysia was offering a Mediterranean menu that include a pizza topped with criss-cut fries. Check it out: