Sep 29, 2012

Around the World: KFC Hong Kong - Foilicious Chicken

KFC Hong Kong has a recurring limited time menu item they serve called Foilicious Chicken. It's basically seasoned chicken that's baked in foil. For this fall, they're offering a new variety of Folicious Chicken baked with soy sauce and served with radishes (pickled it looks like).

A "meal set" i.e. combo meal is offered for $39.50 HK (~$5.09 US) and comes with a leg and thigh, radish, imitation shark fin soup, rice (can be substituted for mashed potatoes), and a soft drink. A red bean egg tart(!) can be added for an additional $5 HK (~$.65 US).

In prior promotions, KFC has offered a a garlic butter version:
And an herb version:
Here's a commercial for the latest version of Foilicious Chicken:

I'm not really sure what's going on in the commercial since I don't speak Cantonese, but it has something to do with a stuntman and his stuffed monkey toy from what I can make out. The chicken looks pretty good though, no?

Foilicious Chicken is also currently offered at KFC locations in Vietnam where it's called Big'n Juicy Foilicious Chicken.


  1. That chicken looks like it would be super juicy. O_O

  2. My Yue-variety dialect is severely lacking and my Mandarin is sub-par at best but thanks to pics upon menu display boards one's desires are easily communicated.

    Whenever coming across Hong Kong-related stuff my wind wanders back the best fried rice ever wolfed down at a buck (HK) for a HUGE platter of the stuff with every possible ingredient (including ample mystery meat) at the China Fleet Club.

  3. The commercial goes something like this: His dad gave him the monkey to watch over him. It gets shot, and he's all sad. He cries over an old picture of his family on his phone. His little sister shows up with the monkey all fixed up. She calls him her big brother.

  4. Ah... I see! Thank you very much for the explanation/translation.

  5. But... was it a funky monkey?

  6. Considering it isn't made of brass, I would say that there's only so much funky it could be.

  7. You're welcome! It was my pleasure.


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