Sep 5, 2012

Review: Popeyes - Southern Peach Pie

With summer well on its way out, Popeyes' Southern Peach Pie also nears the end of its run. Fortunately, I was able to grab on for $1.49 on a recent visit to Popeye's.

From the product picture, I was expecting the bubbly, crispy-fried pie crust similar to McDonald's back in the day. Instead, I received something that more resembled a darkened normal pie crust that may have been baked at some point.

For $1.49, I was expecting something a little more than what you'd get at McDonald's or KFC for two for $1. The crust is different, but I didn't find it to be better. I has a thin crispness that opens up to a somewhat flaky and somewhat soft, chewy interior crust. I think some people might think the chewiness interesting, but it wasn't my preference.

Breaking the pie in half, I was hoping for a decent amount of peach filling, but I'm either really good at breaking pie/turnovers or there wasn't that much filling because there was no spillage as it broke apart.

Inside, the filling resemble a McDonald's Apple Pie, but with peaches instead of apple. While there was a definite sweet peach flavor (but not that many diced peach pieces), it lacked a tanginess that I was looking for. It was also lukewarm. I wondered if my pie had been sitting in for a while.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with Popeye's Southern Peach Pie. The crust was a bit weird, the filling was just okay, and it came at a price that's more than two such pies at other chains without giving more.

Nutritional info not available.