Sep 8, 2012

Around the World: Pizza Hut Australia - The Plank

Down in Australia, Pizza Hut is offering a new, limited-time 94-cm (~37 inches) extra long pizza, they're calling "The Plank." Now, The Plank is not actually a 94-centimeter pizza, but rather 3 deep-pan, slab pizzas whose lengths add up to 94 centimeters and are fitted into a 94-centimeter box.

How long is 94 centimeters? According to the Pizza Hut Australia commercial (see below), it's as long as "your girlfriend's leg," "Slats' bat," or a miniature pony. "Slats" by the way, refers to Michael Slater, a former professional Australia cricketer (Yes, I had to look that up).

Over-sized pizzas are nothing new to Pizza Hut; in the past they've offered the 2-foot long (24 inches) Bigfoot, the Big Italy, the Panormous, and the Big Dipper, but this might be the biggest one yet, or at least, their longest pizza box yet.

The Plank is available starting at $25.95 Australian Dollars (~$26.96 U.S.).