Sep 16, 2012

News: Kellogg's - New Special K Popcorn Chips

Touting them for prime-time television watching and late night snacking, Kellogg's introduces new Special K Popcorn Chips. They're made with corn and are baked rather than fried (They look a bit like thin rice cakes) with 28 chips and 120 calories to a serving.

Special K Popcorn Chips are available in two flavors: Butter and Sweet & Salty.

The idea is popcorn flavor with a crunch while promoting sensible snacking, but couldn't they just as easily sell seasoned, air-popped popcorn for the same effect?


  1. no, because popcorn goes stale very quickly after popping, and it isn't crunchy like the chip things... oh yeah, and air popped popcorn is LAME.

  2. Hahaha... some companies do sell popped popcorn, but you're right, they don't have the same crunch as chips.


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