Sep 22, 2012

What's on the Menu: Wendy's Malaysia

I ran across the Wendy's Malaysia menu recently and thought you guys might want to have a look. Highlights include sour cream with fries and pasta!

The combo meals are pretty comparable to what we have here in the States: there's the standard burgers and chicken sandwiches as well as chili and baked potatoes. But there's also stuff not offered here such as fried chicken and the Shrimp Supreme, which is like a fish sandwich but with shrimp instead. The exchange rate is currently about 32 U.S. cents to each Malaysian Ringgit.

You might have noticed that the Mushroom Melt is a regular menu item in Malaysia. There's also a Jr. version! There's even Mushroom Melt Pasta! It's simple enough with mushrooms and cheese sauce atop a bed of spiral pasta.

Of course Wendy's being known for their chili, there's also Chili & Cheese Pasta. They have a Frosty Cone... I wonder if their Frosties are firmer because I'm not sure the Frosties here would hold up very well in a cone.

There's also Sour Cream Fries... I guess it's like how people in some countries like mayo with their fries, so maybe sour cream fries is a thing in Malaysia.

For localized drinks, they have Ribena (a black currant drink, which actually originates from the U.K. but is also sold in Malaysia) and Milo. Milo is like Ovaltine which is a malted chocolate milk drink. Unlike, some malted shakes, you can actually taste the malt in the drink which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences.

Lastly, I mentioned fried chicken before, but apparently you can get it in family-style meals by the box.