Sep 22, 2012

Review: Starbucks - Morning Bun

Starbucks' Morning Bun features a croissant-like bun rolled up like a cinnamon roll and dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

The price is pretty standard as far as morning buns go at $1.95.

Starbucks is the only convenient location for me to get a morning bun . Not that many places offer them, but you might find them at some neighborhood bakeries or upscale specialty grocers (if you have such), but Starbucks is pretty much everywhere (there are four Starbucks locations within a mile or so of where I live).

For those of you who have never had a morning bun before, it's basically a croissant (but with a different shape) with cinnamon and sugar which is to say it's something delicious to eat in the morning. It's like a richer, more decadent version of cinnamon toast.

Starbuck's version, which I got warmed, had a nice, flaky crust while maintaining a soft, moist, and buttery crumb. Cinnamon and sugar is found dusted on top of the bun, but also in the folds of the roll which ensured cinnamon yumminess in every bite.

Overall, Starbucks' Morning Bun is great for an occasional treat to go with your morning coffee or tea or any other part of the day really.

Nutritional Info - Starbucks Morning Bun (94g)
Calories - 350 (from Fat - 140)
Fat - 16g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 330mg
Carbs - 45g (Sugar - 19g)
Protein - 6g