Sep 29, 2012

Review: Burger King - Minibon

Burger King's Minibons are the same baked rolls offered at malls everywhere by Cinnabon, but are now available at Burger King restaurants nationally. Each mini-cinnamon roll features Makara cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.

My local Burger King is offering them for $1.99 each or two for $3.69, or four for $5.99.

The trademark of a Cinnabon and, by extension, the Minibon, is the warm sticky ooze of cream cheese and cinnamon that makes eating one neatly a virtual impossibility.
There's a cloying, sweet decadence to the dessert that attracts the sweet tooth of some, but is just too much for others. You can count me in the latter camp. I like the strong cinnamon, but the sweetness is way too much for me. It's one of those things I'll want a bite of, but just one bite.

The actual roll itself is a little bit doughy and chewy. The few times I've had a Cinnabon, it has always felt almost soggy between the cinnamon and cream cheese. I'd prefer it were less dense and more risen.

If you're a fan of Cinnabon or have a huge sweet tooth, chances are you'll find much to like, as Burger King is offering the same thing. I believe they send out frozen rolls and bake them in each restaurant. If you think a cinnamon roll should achieve more of a balance, you should probably look elsewhere.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Minibon (96g)
Calories - 300 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 280mg
Carbs - 45g (Sugar - 20g)
Protein - 6g


  1. When will the slurpee-type device appear?

  2. Don't buy into the whole makara thing - it's just their house brand for korintje cinnamon.

  3. Haha, I always wondered what made Makara cinnamon different from the cinnamon at home. All I knew was Cinnabon used it.


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