Sep 17, 2012

News: McDonald's - New Daily Double

McDonald's latest value burger, the new Daily Double, was tested earlier this year and now finds itself on the Extra Value Menu at $1.99.

For about a dollar (the McDouble is $1.19 at my local McDonald's now so it's only 80 cents more for me) more than the Dollar Menu McDouble, pickles, ketchup, and mustard get replaced by lettuce, tomato, and mayo while onions, double beef patties, and cheese stick around.

For those missing out on the defunct Big 'N Tasty, this might be your best bet.

If you want to go the poor man's route, you might try and get a McDouble and have them add lettuce and tomato. Your mileage may vary though.

I'm not sure about the name. Every time I read "Daily Double," I think "Jeopardy."

Nutritional Info - McDonald's Daily Double (194g)
Calories - 440 (from Fat - 220)
Fat - 24g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 810mg
Carbs - 33g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 23g


  1. I might have this whenever I'm in the mood for something different on my sandwich. I like mayo and lettuce (no onions, though) but usually I'd go with the McDouble or Double Cheeseburger because they're cheaper with just ketchup. I mean, why charge more just because you're getting mayo, lettuce and cheese instead of ketchup and mustard? It makes no sense. They should charge the same for both DD's and McDoubles. They're both good, though. I've had both and enjoyed them both.

  2. It's not really about the mayo and lettuce, it's mostly because of the tomato. But still it doesn't make sense because you can add a tomato to a McDouble and it will cost like 30-40 cents extra so it will be a little cheaper.

  3. I used to stock up on Double Cheeseburgers back when they were $1 each, but the death of that came when they jacked up the price and and replaced them with the McDouble. You wouldn't think one slice of cheese would matter that much, but the taste just wasn't there. It ruined me on getting cheap food at McDonald's (to be fair though, there was some tomfoolery with the price of fries that contributed to that as well).

    As for this Daily Double, it's pretty much just a McDouble with all the stuff I would take off a burger (I've never been a big fan of having vegetables on my burgers). Definitely not something I would try.

  4. I tried this in Jacksonville during the test and like it alot. Wasn't offered in my area until the recent rollout so I made due by ordering a McDouble minus ketchup plus lettuce, tomato and mayo.

    McDouble - $1.00
    Modified McDouble - $1.80
    Daily Double - $1.99

    Wonder if I can still do my modify trick and save 19 cents per. Hey don't knock me for thinking about it, 19 cents times five is a free burger!

  5. Also interesting, there are two lettuce options at McDonalds. If i just say add lettuce, they give me the leafy type. If I saw shredded lettuce, I get that. There's even a different button for shredded lettuce as noted on my receipts.

  6. This has been in Wisconsin for over a year now at pretty much all locations. It's 1.89 here but the Mcdouble is still only a buck.

  7. NOT half as good as a big and tasty

  8. McDonalds pricing is very messed up This has same amount of meat as a Big Mac both have lettuce, cheese, onions this has tomato and mayo a
    Big Mac 1000 island and a extra piece of bread.The mayo and 1000 island are a trade off and so is the tomato and bread I think but a BIig Mac in my area is $4.49 a total ripe off.

  9. Big Macs are definitely overpriced, but I think it's smart pricing too... I know plenty of people who still like them, years of good marketing apparently have paid off. The Whopper is catching up too. I like both burgers a little, but with so many similar options, I rarely get either one anymore.

  10. McDonald's pricing has always confused me...

    A McDouble is $1.

    A Daily Double is $1.99. So it costs you a whopping 99 cents just for lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 1 of these is the same price as 2 regular McDoubles.

    A Big Mac is around $3.50 (forgot the exact price.) So for $2.50 extra, you're getting a McDouble with shredded lettuce, no ketchup or mustard, an extra layer of bun, and secret sauce (aka Thousand Island). Three to four times the price of the McDouble. $2.50 for lettuce, more bun, and Thousand Island? seriously? A cheaper route would be order a McDouble, hold the ketchup and mustard, add shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce. The only difference will be the bun. Should be about $1.50.


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