Sep 25, 2012

News: Panera Bread - 2012 Seasonal Fall Menu

Panera Bread has quite a lot going on this fall with the number of new and returning items on their seasonal fall menu including a Pumpkin Pie Bagel and a Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini.

Let's start with what's new:

New Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with Dried Cherries, Apple Chips & Almonds - Cooked organic steel cut oats, topped with Panera's signature cinnamon crunch topping, dried cherries, apple chips, and almonds.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Steel Cut Oatmeal with Dried Cherries, Apple Chips, and Almonds (298g)
Calories - 330 (from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 160mg
Carbs - 57g (Sugar - 27g)
Protein - 6g

New Roasted Turkey & Cranberry Panini - Slices of all-natural, roasted turkey layered in fresh-baked Ciabatta with garlic & herb cheese spread, cranberry chutney, and fresh spinach.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Roasted Turkey & Cranberry Panini (340g)
Calories - 770 (from Fat - 200)
Fat - 23g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 1170mg
Carbs - 101g (Sugar - 17g)
Protein - 37g

New Pumpkin Pie Bagel - A freshly-baked bagel featuring pumpkin and spice among the ingredients finished with sweet crumb topping, a cinnamon sugar mixture, and powdered sugar.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Pumpkin Pie Bagel (121g)
Calories - 380 (from Fat - 45)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 410mg
Carbs - 74g (Sugar - 24g)
Protein - 9g

New Sausage & Gouda Baked Egg Soufflé - A cheese and egg mixture, all-natural sausage, and naturally-smoked Gouda, baked inside sweet croissant dough.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Sausage & Gouda Baked Egg Soufflé (176g)
Calories - 560 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 36g (Saturated Fat - 19g)
Sodium - 890mg
Carbs - 37g (Sugar - 8g)
Protein - 20g

And here's what's returning:

Chocolate Pecan Babka - A sweet egg bread marbled with a semi-sweet chocolate-flavored filling and toasted pecans.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Chocolate Pecan Babka - cafe slice (139g)
Calories - 560 (from Fat - 260)
Fat - 29g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 380mg
Carbs - 69g (Sugar - 31g)
Protein - 10g

Pumpkin Spice Latte - A seasonal staple of espresso, steamed milk, and pumpkin spice syrup topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Pumpkin Spice Latte - 11 oz (312g)
Calories - 340 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 115mg
Carbs - 58g (Sugar - 46g)
Protein - 7g

Roasted Turkey Harvest Salad - all-natural roasted turkey served on a mix of romaine and field greens, fresh d‘Anjou pears, dried cherries, Gorgonzola cheese, and toasted pecans tossed in a cherry balsamic vinaigrette.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Roasted Turkey Harvest Salad  (349g)
Calories - 530 (from Fat - 330)
Fat - 36g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 790mg
Carbs - 28g (Sugar - 21g)
Protein - 3g

Pumpkin Cookie - Something for Halloween, it's a shortbread cookie shaped like a pumpkin, decorated with icing.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Pumpkin Cookie (95g)
Calories - 450 (from Fat - 190)
Fat - 21g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 160mg
Carbs - 63g (Sugar - 35g)
Protein - 4g

All-Natural Sonoma Chicken Stew Topped with Dry Jack Cheese Biscuit - A creamy chicken stew with Parisian carrots, peas, leeks, and diced red potatoes simmered with sweet cream and thyme. Dry Jack Cheese biscuits make neat islands in a sea of soup.
Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Sonoma Chicken Stew with Dry Jack Cheese Biscuit (460g)
Calories - 630 (from Fat - 310)
Fat - 34g (Saturated Fat - 20g)
Sodium - 2030mg
Carbs - 57g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 25g


  1. The Sausage & Gouda Baked Egg Souffle sounds delicious! Although it's a bit of a misnomer; I don't know of any souffles that are wrapped inside croissant dough.

    I can't believe one of those pumpkin cookies are 450 calories each... yikes!


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