Oct 23, 2012

Around the World: First Indian Starbucks Store Looks Very Aladdin-ish

Starbucks recently opened their first location in India -- the flagship store in Mumbai with two other stores to open this week.

I have to say though, when I first saw a picture of the flagship store, I immediately thought of Disney's Aladdin; it looks more like something at a Disney resort than a Starbucks no? A firsthand account from Vogue India likened the interior design to that of the Taj Mahal Hotel (Isn't it the analogue to making the European flagship store look like a castle?)

While the store is meant to celebrate the rich heritage of India, the drinks are all Starbucks, from espressos to lattes to Frappuccinos.

The food on the other hand is a mix of western stalwarts as well as more localized cuisine like the Elaichi Mawa (cardamon and milk solids) Croissant, Murg Tikka (chicken cooked in a tandoori oven) Panini, and Tandoori Paneer (a type of cheese) Roll.

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