Oct 30, 2012

Review: Jack in the Box - Chili Cheese Curly Fries

Jack in the Box's Chili Cheese Curly Fries feature seasoned curly fries topped with beef chili and shredded cheddar cheese.

An order goes for $2.49 at my local Jack in the Box.

The curly fries hold up pretty well against the chili and cheese. With their seasoned batter, the fries managed to stay crisp on the drive home. They have a nice flavor to them as well, not overly seasoned or salty.

The chili cheese coverage was a bit uneven though. One half had a lot of chili and the other, barely any.

The cheese was nicely melted with a mild cheddar flavor. The chili was a bit salty, but beefy and thick.

Besides the uneven coverage, Jack's Chili Cheese Curly Fries were pretty good. The fries are good enough of their own, but go well with the chili and cheese. The price isn't too bad with a large order of fries going for around $2 at similar chains.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Chili Cheese Curly Fries
Calories - 576 (from Fat - 364)
Fat - 40g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 1160mg
Carbs - 40g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 14g

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  1. "Calories - 576"

    For those of us attempting to recapture or maintain our girlish figures that calorie figure is rather daunting.


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