Oct 16, 2012

Review: Boston Market - Meatloaf Market Bowl

Boston Market's Meatloaf Market Bowl is a limited-time item that seems a bit gimmicky. It's just a bowl filled with your choice of two sides and either meatloaf, turkey, or chicken plus a sauce. It's basically what they normally give you on a plate, but in a more portable bowl.

Regardless of what you choose, each bowl is $6.99. I went with meatloaf, the vegetable medley, and vegetable stuffing. For sauce, I went with tomato sauce.

The meatloaf was not good. It wasn't very moist or tender and tasted like it had been seasoned with a lot of salt and nothing else. The tomato sauce was tangy without the sweetness; a jar of Ragu would have been better. There was also an option for brown gravy which I regret not trying. I've had better meatloaf from a frozen dinner (Stouffer's actually makes a pretty good meatloaf meal, but still, it's frozen food...).

The sides were okay. The vegetable medley was cooked decently, but didn't have much going on in the flavor department, but at least they're good for you.

The stuffing was a little too moist. It was mostly nondescript, but decent.

I would not get Boston Market's meatloaf again. I might get the vegetable medley again just to get some veggies, but would probably get some sort of potatoes over the stuffing. Overall, Boston Market's Meatloaf Market Bowl was a bit of a downer. I would definitely go with Boston Market's chicken or turkey over it.

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  1. At least they do not insult us by offering "ONE biscuit."


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