Oct 6, 2012

Around the World: Wendy's Philippines Offers More Homestyle Meals

Wendy's is offering new, more localized, home-style food in the Philippines with their latest offering, Real Meal Deals.

Available for 49 pesos each (~$1.18 U.S.) and purporting to offer "real food at everyday prices," the new meals offered include:

Three pieces of Crunchy Spring Rolls with rice and a sweet chili dipping sauce. "Asian-inspired rolls consisting of a savory mixture of ground pork, vegetables and original spices, wrapped in a thin crunchy crisp shell and served with chili sauce and steamed rice." It's pretty much a Wendy's take on Filipino lumpia.

Beef Steak with traditional Filipino beef steak sauce garnished with a few onion slices. It looks like Salisbury steak and is served with rice. You can get an extra beef steak for 20 pesos more.

Spaghetti topped with what looks like a shredded blend of cheddar and mozzarella. It's described as "a zesty tomato based sauce with 100% pure ground beef, choices spices, with sausage, al dente noodles topped with shredded cheese."

Chili Con Carne Rice - "con carne" means "with meat." It looks like Wendy's signature chili over rice.

Macaroni Side Salad which features a weird mix of  "elbow macaroni, raisin, imported jello, pineapple choice of spices and vegetables in a creamy sweet-sour flavor." Gelatin in a macaroni salad?!

The macaroni seems the oddest to me. I wouldn't mind trying the beef steak and spaghetti though.