Oct 24, 2012

Neat! Coke Zero - 007 Skyfall Obstacle Course in a Train Station...

First there was the Coke "Hug Me" machine and now this: unsuspecting train passengers stopping to buy a can of Coke Zero at a vending machine were prompted onscreen with an offer for a chance to win exclusive tickets for the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall. All they had to do was get to Platform 6... in 70 seconds. 

Too bad they would be beset by chance encounters and random, but everyday, obstacles. You know, things that might happen to you on your way to work, like a dog walker getting in your way or a large group of people walking by as you were in a hurry to catch your train. There's even that person who mistakes you for someone they know!

Well imagine all of that crammed into 70 seconds, but wait, you don't have to. Here it is:

It actually looks pretty fun. I wouldn't even care about winning the tickets, I just want to run the course! I think I'd fall and hurt myself though.