Oct 25, 2012

Review: Jack in the Box - Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt

Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt - side view
Jack in the Box's limited-time Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt features sliced steak, grilled onions, fire-roasted red and green peppers, melted cheese, and mayo-onion sauce on sourdough bread.

My local Jack in the Box offers them for $4.49, which is 20 cents more than the popular Sourdough Jack.

My particular sourdough slices sported a very nice, slightly buttered, grilled crust. It was a little bit too chewy though and I've never been able to detect any sourness to Jack's sourdough.

Most of the flavor in the sandwich comes from the peppers and onions. It's more like a pepper steak sandwich than a cheesesteak. The peppers and onions were roasted while retaining a firm texture and a bit of sweetness. The cheese doesn't have any distinct flavor and is mostly creamy and melted. Still, I wish that there were more of it in the sandwich.

The flavors of the sandwich were decent enough, but the steak was weak. Tasting the steak by itself, there's a fair bit of seasoning that gets a lost in the peppers and onions. The steak was also dry and pretty tough. A burger patty would have been more enjoyable and would probably hold up better against the onions and peppers.

Overall, I prefer the bacon and burger patty of the Sourdough Jack over the sub-par steak of Jack's Cheesesteak Melt. The peppers and onions are nice though.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt
Calories - 456 (from Fat - 222)
Fat - 24g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 1385mg
Carbs - 39g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 22g