Oct 11, 2012

News: Subway - New Chopped Salads

Subway now has a new Chopped Salad option where any 6" sub or double meat sub of your choice can be had as a salad (sans the bread of course).

While Subway has previously offered salads on their menu as well as the option to make any sub into a salad previously, the ingredients weren't all chopped up, which left you to either cut them up yourself or eat them as they were.

One of my local Subway stores offers them for $5.75 each.


  1. Are these going to be offered at a lower price than their subs? Considering there's no cost for the bread.

  2. Baffle the corporate droids tending the food creating counter; ask for a 5 buck footlong... "as a salad please."

    Then be obstinate and ask a gazillion questions as to why not until they relent or kick you out of the place.

  3. Richard_in_Eastern_PASunday, July 28, 2013

    True, but you get more lettuce than you would on a sub.


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