Oct 15, 2012

News: KFC - New Dip'ems

KFC offers up new Dip'ems. Except, similar to Popeyes, the only new thing is three new sauces: Creamy Buffalo, Orange Ginger, and Bacon Ranch.

The actual chicken strips are the same standard Extra Crispy chicken strips (they're calling them "tenders" now) that KFC has been serving for a while now.

In sum, Dip'ems is the combination of Extra Crispy chicken strips tenders plus six dipping sauces: the existing Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Creamy Ranch plus the three new ones.

There's a nice, limited-time combo deal to promote the "new" Dip'ems though: $5 for three tenders, a choice of two sauces, a side item, a biscuit and a medium drink. If you want all six sauces, they come with a 20-tender bucket for $20. The bucket has a specialized black plastic lid that holds six sauce cups.

Here's a television spot promoting Dip'ems:

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  1. "a biscuit"

    Shakes head.

    Wanders off mumbling various unkindly words.


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