Oct 18, 2012

News: Little Caesars Offers Pizza Cones for Fundraising

Little Caesars now offers Pizza Cones nationwide, but not in any of their locations. Instead Little Caesars' Pizza Cones are only available for fundraising and are sold by non-profit organizations, including schools, churches, sports teams, etc.

The cones are available in four varieties (including sweet options) and come in kits for customers to assemble and bake the cones. Pizza Cone kits are available in: Pepperoni, Cheese, S'mores, and Apple Cheesecake.

While pepperoni and cheese are pretty standard, the S'mores Cone is made with ready-to-bake graham cracker cones, chocolate,  marshmallow swirls, and graham cracker sprinkles.

The Apple Cheese cake features a cream cheese filling with brown sugar and spiced apples.

Each kit contains enough ingredients to make 8 Pizza Cones for the savory versions and 6 Pizza Cones for the dessert cones.

The price on the kits are: $19 for Pepperoni, $18 for Cheese, and $16 for either of the dessert cone kits. The fundraising organization stands to make between $5 to $7 on each kit.


  1. The greed of corporate USA has no boundaries.

    Hiding behind "assisting children" to amass even more wealth for the few.


  2. I'm honestly having trouble even processing what this is.

  3. Haha, I've seen pizza cones at the mall before, but never tried them. The place shuttered before I ever seriously considered it.

  4. omg! i didn't even know that "apple" and "cheesecake" where an option. I WANT ONE!!!

  5. go somewhere else please, I beg of you.


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