Oct 11, 2012

Around the World: Pizza Hut Canada - New Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

First it was the U.K. and now Canada: Pizza Hut introduces the new Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza in Canada for a limited time starting October 15, 2012.

The pizza's main feature is that Angus beef hot dogs are rolled up into the pizza crust.

It will be offered at the same price as a regular Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza and will be available in medium or large sizes. Each pizza will come with a Heinz Ketchup Dip and Squeeze and Heinz Honey Mustard Dip.

The Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza will end its Canadian run on November 25, 2012. Time will tell whether it will then inch its way over our northern border into the U.S.