Oct 8, 2012

News: Pei Wei - New Sriracha Chicken and BOGO Offer

Pei Wei Asian Diner incorporates the fiery-red Thai chili sauce, Sriracha, into their latest limited-time dish, Sriracha Chicken.

The ingredient was selected by fan voting and features the spicy kick of Sriracha joined with "cooling ingredients" such as tomatoes, long beans, and  pineapple.

Sriracha Chicken can also be ordered "Stock Velvet," where the chicken is poached in vegetable broth rather than the standard wok-frying. It's a "better-for-you" option that reduces fat by over 30 percent.

If you're willing to jump through a few hoops, Pei Wei is offering a "buy one, get one free" offer on their Pei Wei market website if you log in or sign up for the Passport program. You then get to learn about the dish and make a pledge to "eat boldly," which earns you the "Sriracha Seeker" stamp. Once you get the stamp, they're email you the "buy one, get one free" offer within a business day.

Nutritional Info - Pei Wei Sriracha Chicken Signature Dish
Calories - 880 (from Fat - 420)
Fat - 46g (Saturated Fat - 18g)
Sodium - 2860mg
Carbs - 68g (Sugar - 52g)
Protein - 52g

Nutritional Info - Pei Wei Sriracha Chicken Signature Dish - Stock Velveted
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 260)
Fat - 30g (Saturated Fat - 16g)
Sodium - 2880mg
Carbs - 54g (Sugar - 42g)
Protein - 50g