Oct 18, 2012

News: White Castle - New Crave Pallet with 6,912 Sliders

For those of you throwing a really big party, White Castle now offers the new Crave Pallet of Sliders, a pallet (those things you need a forklift to move) with 6,912 Sliders.

You better hurry though because only two Crave Pallets are available. Each comes with any combination of  Original, Cheese, and/or Jalapeno Sliders. Not to worry about freshness though as the Sliders will be cooked onsite by White Castle and served fresh.

Each pallet costs $25,000 and 100 percent of net proceeds will benefit autism research. In addition to the 6,912 Sliders, White Castle is also throwing in 216 White Castle Nest Fragrance Candles (they smell like Sliders) to light your little soiree.

Crave Pallets can be ordered via White Castle's Ambassador Goodwill Hotline at 614-559-2687 during normal business hours.